Hercules SHPD SAE 15W-40


High quality mineral lubricant with high quality additives for high speed and for super high performance diesel engines (SHPD). It is recommended for engines without particulate filters, and for engines equipped with EGR or with SCR NOx reduction system where the manufacturer suggests Full SAPS technology oil. Its synthesis provides “stay in grade” viscosity stability after mechanical exhaustion, engine’s parts cleanliness from carbon deposits, excellent wear control, soot handling etc. It meets Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV & Euro V emission requirements even under severe conditions.

ACEA: E7-12,
Mercedes Benz p228.3,
MAN 3275-1, Volvo VDS-3,
MTU Category 2, Renault RLD-2,
Caterpillar ECF-1A & Cummins 20076/77
* 12x1L (12 plastic bottles of 1L in a cartonbox)

* 6x4L (6 plastic bottles of 4L in a cartonbox)

* 4x5L (4 plastic bottles of 5L in a cartonbox)

* 1x18L (a plastic pail of 18L)

* 1x25L (a metal can of 25L)

* 1x60L (a metal drum of 60L)

* 1x204L (a metal drum of 204L)

* 1x1000L (a plastic IBC of 1000L)