Brake-Fluid DOT-4 (Racing Synthetic Fluid)


Special designed synthetic fluid for braking systems working with discs or drums and also for control systems working with clutches. It protects all the metallic parts of the hydraulic systems including zinc & cadmium from corrosion and also protects the elastomeric parts from destruction. Especially suitable in cases that the brake systems are under heavy function conditions as in trucks, trailers, race cars etc.

SAE J-1703 & SAE 1704, F.M.V.S.S. No.116 DOT-4 FORD ESEA K6 C-1002-A, ISO 4925 GM 4653/TYPE 550, BMW QV 34001, JIS K2233 Daimler Benz DBL 7760, ISO 4925, CUNA NC 956

* 25×0,25L (25 plastic bottles of 250ml in a cartonbox)

* 24×0,5L (24 plastic bottles of 500ml in a cartonbox)

* 12x1kg (12 plastic bottles of 1kg in a cartonbox)

* 1x20kg (a plastic pail of 20kg)

* 1x220kg (a metal drum of 220kg)

* 1x1100kg (a plastic IBC of 1100kg)

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